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Reducing Effort, Time & Cost for Logistics

More than 100 years of combined supply chain experience working with thousands of companies to deliver guaranteed results.  


Client Comments

Industrial Manufacturer with a Need to Simply Their Supply Chain.


Vice President of Purchasing “We were really struggling but if you had  asked me how we were doing before Gain Consulting, I would have told you we were fine. Fast forward a few years and the results have been exceptional. They have really driven down costs while making our team more efficient. We can focus on our business and know we have the Gain Consulting supply chain experts as a key part of our team

Automotive Supplier in The Middle of a Shift from B2B to B2C.


Sales Director “Like many in recent years, we were in the middle of a dramatic shift in our business model. We needed help because the old way of doing things wasn’t going to work anymore. As a mid-sized business, the key was finding a solution and partner that was more than transactional. Gain Consulting’s experience allowed a significantly shorter learning curve as we moved to omni-channel distribution. My current customers were thrilled with the changes and this has allowed us to continue growing!”

Importer Struggling with Changing International Landscape


Vice President of Operations “We needed help as we changed from vendors in Asia to vendors in Mexico. Since our entire business changed over the years from manufacturing to importing/distribution, we had serious concerns. You can’t change the entire product line without jeopardizing everything. Gain Consulting helped us smooth out the bumps. When the dust settled the results were more than we could have hoped for. Decreased cycle times, faster turn rates, lower transportation costs and greater visibility.”

About Us

Omni-Channel Expertise

Multifaceted supply chains need  agile and focused experts to improve one of the largest areas of expense for companies.   

Partnering to protect the interest of our clients.

Focus Areas

Our supply chain management team focuses on improving the following in order to reduce the Cost of Goods Sold:

  • Time- Removing non-core functions that don't provide companies with a competitive advantage
  • Effort- Integration & outsourcing so companies can focus on their core business
  • Cost- including logistics and freight cost management

Minimum 5% Improvement Guaranteed!

Typically our clients have saved much more but our unique approach will yield a minimum of 5% improvement. Guaranteed!

Historically, Much More Savings Can Be Achieved!

  • Audit Savings 1%-2%
  • Freight Invoice Payment Savings .5%-2%
  • Vendor Routing Management Savings 1%-4%
  • Least Cost Management Savings 1%-5%
  • Mode Management Savings 2%-8%
  • Rate Improvement Savings 5%+

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